Living with IntelliJ IDEA on a Mac

My client has us using IntelliJ IDEA as the Java IDE on our project. I was really frustrated with it (I am used to Eclipse) at first, mostly because of the non-standard key combos on Mac OS X. Who wants to use Control-F4 to close a tab?!

However, I found a configuration that really helps. In your menu bar, go to IntelliJ¬†IDEA -> Preferences -> Keymap -“Mac OS X 10.5+”. This will change a lot of key combos to be more standard. If you would like to change commands on an individual basis, you can do that too. In fact, my advice to you would be to look through the IntelliJ preferences anytime something doesn’t behave as you expect it to – there are a lot of options there.

I am still not a fan of IntelliJ but it works and you can make it more bearable!