Sony Move

From Information Week, Sony Unveils PS3 Motion Controller:

Sony’s Move will compete against Nintendo’s fully outfitted Wiimote, which includes the company’s MotionPlus add-on and Nunchuk controller attachment. The ensemble brings one-to-one control to games on the Wii console, but costs an additional $80.

Nintendo’s success with the Wii, released in November 2006 as the first console to offer motion-sensing technology, has brought the gaming technology to the mainstream.

By my calculations, Sony (and Microsoft, with their yet-to-be-released Project Natal) are coming to the game over three years too late. If Sony’s going to expand outside the hard-core gamer’s market into the casual gaming market, they need to be innovative, not playing catch-up. Right now, the Wii is the casual gaming market. Nintendo is going to ride that wave for a while longer, releasing new accessories that people will go on waiting lists for, then release a new platform.